Lessons From A Mentor

mentor terry febrey

Not everyone is lucky enough to say that they have had the beneficial experience of having a dedicated and knowledgable mentor. However, those of who have been lucky enough, will tell you how absolutely essential their mentor’s advice and guidance was to their own success.

Here are the best bits of direction you could hope to get from a mentor:

Do not be the first to name numbers.

When is comes to salary negotiation or parlaying a numerical amount, it is generally thought that the person who gets to counter an offer has the upper hand. You do not want the possibility of saying you want a salary of a certain amount when the employer has budgeted for more – then you lose that difference!

Be bold and enthusiastic.

It is absolutely true that first impressions last a lifetime. So, when meeting important individuals for the first time, you do not want to let those opportunities pass. After a job interview, consider saying something like, “I am very interested in the position. What else can I do to show you that I am a great fit for the job?” That may be the difference between hiring you and the person walking in just after you!

Short and concise is key.

When it comes to the professional world, time is money – we all know this. So, when communicating via email, in person, over the phone, make sure you stay on topic, and get to the point as soon as possible. No one wants to read an email three paragraphs long unless it is from an old friend. No one wants to have a rambling conversation in person or over the phone that goes on and on without a point or resolution. It is always best to stick to the point, keeping it short and sweet. No one will ever fault you for that.