Top 5 Reasons Physical Education Is Important For Your Child

peclassWhen discussing how to have a healthy life, the balance between diet and exercise is something to think about for your child. Diet is a conversation always up for a debate, but exercise is an equally important conversation to have. It is an intricate part in educating the whole student. Physical activity can have effects on both the body but the mind as well. Thus it can help improve your child’s ability in the academic world too. Here are the top 5 reasons why P.E. class is something you child should not go without during their day at school:

Skill and Motor Skill Development
For young children, physical movement is crucial to the development of their motor skills and awareness. Physical activity allows for safe and successful participation that will leave them feeling satisfied once it’s over. It will aid in their fundamental motor pattern and motion memory by repeating basic movement forms. It also provides another opportunity and environment for them to get out there and interact positively with other children their age.

Self Discipline
Sports and P.E. helps instill self-discipline in your children. They will begin to connect and understand how physical activity is linked to the wellness of the body.With that knowledge, they will begin to develop a responsibility and respect for health and fitness. This can aid in focusing the mind which can translate over to the classroom.

Stress Reduction
Going to their P.E. class will provide an outlet for any frustration they may be having. Math, reading, science can be confusing and frustrating subjects for them, but when they reach the playground or the field, they can let loose for an hour and recharge their minds.

Setting Goals
P.E. class gives your child the opportunity to set personal and achievable goals. Achieving these goals will improve their self-confidence and their self-esteem too.

Respect might be the most important thing children can obtain from sports and P.E. They will learn to have respect for themselves and their own self expression while respecting others and resolving conflicts. This is the most important thing that they will be able to carry on with them throughout their lives.

Engaging in physical activity also has been proven to help prevent and protect from diseases, illness, and injuries. At the end of the day, the physical, cognitive, and affective benefits from physical activity are vital to your child as they grow.

Info courtesy of palmbeachschools and veanea.